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338.10-7.68 (-2.22%)
As of 3:36PM EDT. Market open.
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    Set the RSI number to 2 and Yahoo chart to a 6 month time frame daily. When spy is over the 200 MA and closes at the end of day under RSI reading of10 scale in as price drops lower. When spy closes over RSI 70 at close of day sell the total position. Back test this if you have any doubt it works for short term trades and small but steady profits.
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    Flying Dutchman
    Oversold please it has been overbought for last 6 months we need return to reality no return anywhere that is reality no free money.
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    Breaking News - Noted Bull Analysts says Dow could easily drop 30% with a Trump loss and a spike in U.S. Cornavirus deaths. In other words, we are at the beginning of a long market correction that won't stop falling until either a virus vaccine is successfully developed and the November election is not drawn out past November 3rd.

    Spy now forecasted to fall below $250 a share day before election, and should there be a contested Winner between two parties - Spy will fall below $100 a share.

    Look Out BELOW
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    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says White House is refusing to accept COVID-19 testing terms as part of stimulus bill
  • J
    What just happened to go from major red - to SELL OFF RED?

    So what just crossed the "news line" to spend Mother Market into FREE FALL?
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    Ben sASSe
    Beijing Demands Info On Finances, Staff From 6 American Media Outlets Operating In China
    Beijing responds to US moves on state media: “...demands that the China-based branches of the ABC, LATimes, Minn. Public Radio, Bureau of National Affairs, Newsweek and Feature Story News declare in written form information about their staff, finance, operation and real estate.
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    Just added to my earlier buy when the Nas was at 11300 , so now I have that buy & 11410 for the day, remember i already sold this morning for a 90 point gain , with big tech on deck, with earnings, buying at these prices is a gift what a day cheers
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    Options markets are pricing in a substantial drop in the index. Put options are priced at double their call option counter. That’s a massive hedge that the dealers are pricing in. Look at Amazon options puts to their call counter are almost exactly the same price. That’s the way normal pricing should be but 100% premium difference? Someone knows something. I’ve bought cheap options in the past and found out the hard way that they were cheap for a reason !!!
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    As I type, the whole market's within a bouncy zone.

    My stuff is saying that if you're doing the day-trading shorting thing, the time for doing so, successfully, has, most likely, come and gone.
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    Filthy D0N J0HN the C0N
    Fed balance sheet hits new record high as QE takes spotlight
    The Federal Reserve’s balance sheet inched up to a record $7.18 trillion as of Wednesday, with all signs pointing to further growth in the central bank’s portfolio.
    The Fed’s outright holdings of U.S. Treasuries and mortgage-backed securities added about $25 billion to $6.56 trillion over the last week.

    Concerns over a slowing economic recovery have pushed the Fed to open the possibility of further ramping up its asset purchases or changing the targets of its asset purchases.
    “There is still quite a bit of flexibility in the asset-purchase side right now, and it allows us flexibility to also provide more accommodation if that's necessary,” Chicago Fed President Charles Evans told Yahoo Finance October 9.

    In the early months of the pandemic, the central bank quickly added $3 trillion in asset holdings as policymakers attempted to flood financial markets with liquidity. The Fed also stood up 13 facilities to backstop markets ranging from corporate debt to municipal bonds.

    The Fed’s quantitative easing leveled off into the fall as markets appeared to regain calm.
    “Public markets are out there and they’re working and the pricing is pretty good,” Fed Chairman Jerome Powell told Congress on September 24.

    Brian Cheung·Reporter
    Thu, October 22, 2020, 1:33 PM
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    Flying Dutchman
    All the puts sold need to be covered by short sales. More drop coming not to mention Softbank that needs to sell more tech stocks.
  • J
    Tasty capitulation in energy and reits sector
  • A
    this is incredible.
  • W
    When I looking for property, Cap ratio must be higher than 12 and preferred 20. 100 means, entire investment off by 1 year of profit or 20 means 5 years (100/20). Also, they are real estate that include land and property. What kind of business takes 44 or 122 years to pay off? Especially, they are sevice related business such as AMZN and FB, I only pay no more than 5 but proffered 3 due to risk. Even if they are very stable company, I may consider 10X maybe 15X but not 44 or 122.
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    Pence’s Chief of Staff and some key aides test positive for cv-19.
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    I think 337 will hold at least for today. It’s the 50% fib level from lod on 9/24 to hod 10/12 IMO gut luk.
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    Ooooopsy.........Wut Hapund.....I though this was a Record Year for Housing...!!
    UPDATED New U.S. home sales decrease 3.5% in September to 959,000 annual rate.. MW.
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    we should have a whatamarket update very shortly.
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    Imagine Millions of Investors .........trying to RUN through the same exit door......IMAGINE THAT for a moment.
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    anyone notice that the death rate from covid--never talked about anymore-is under 3% globally and in the u.s.,and on its way to 2 %....just saying