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American Airlines Group Inc. (AAL)

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14.82+1.26 (+9.29%)
At close: 4:00PM EST

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After hours: 6:51PM EST

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  • J
    Johnson and Johnson will likely come out soon with the efficacy of their vaccine and we will see travel this summer like we have not seen in years. Lots of pent up demand to travel. Problem is that airlines still have a lot of credits for tickets cancelled earlier in the year. Still not a bad time to get back in as these stocks are forward looking.
  • A
    holding 5600 shares from $12 and this has not looked back. Up every day. i might need to sell half today and book profits though.
  • E
    With the vaccines ready to go, this stock should not be trading below $18.00 per share. It will back in the high $20's in March or April of 2021.
  • D
    Too much good news this weekend....even President-elect Bloomburg news is reporting it:
    U.S. Plans First Vaccinations in Weeks, Warp Speed Head Says

    “On the 11th or on the 12th of December, hopefully the first people will be immunized across the United States, across all states, in all the areas where the state departments of health will have told us where to deliver the vaccines,” Moncef Slaoui, head of the government’s Operation Warp Speed, said on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday.

    Current plans envisage another milestone around May: a 70% immunization fate across the U.S., which “would allow for true herd immunity to take place,” said Slaoui, a former head of GlaxoSmithKline’s vaccines operation. “Most people need to be immunized before we can go back to a normal life.”

    While an effective vaccine is expected to be widely distributed in the U.S. 2021, hurdles remain. An advisory panel of the Food and Drug Administration is meeting on Dec. 10 to discuss emergency use authorization for a vaccine candidate. Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech SE have requested that authorization for their product.
  • s
    Vaccine is good news that will help airlines in Q2/Q3 of 2021.

    Vaccine also makes people push flights back because they finally see the end of the tunnel.

    Vaccine also boosted crude oil price above $40 for a while now making airline flights not so cheap anymore.

    Vaccine also will remove pressure from passing a stimulus bill soon as everyone is focused on the vaccine and elections now.

    LUV, SAVE and DAL will be fine, and strive on the fact their competitors like AAL and UAL will soon exit the market.
  • U
    Uncle will take $30, if AAL can get it there this Life.
    AAL is a Love and Hate Story, Robinhoods love it because the stock can jump the most when it's not going BK sooner than later, there's no way it's going to recover as much as its peers when all the shares it offered are either exercised or converted, the ATM all sold, along with 2 Secondary offers, the share counts as of today tracked by Uncle is already over 770m shares, higher than 1/1/2014 when they started trading after last BK. The dividend adjusted all-time high for AAL was $56.99 with 474m shares or $27m market cap, that's about $34.5 at over 777m shares. Uncle will take $30, at discount, if AAL will ever get there in This Life. That said, $13 is still cheap, honestly speaking.
  • A
    Andrei Bercovici
    Good positioning for short squeeze... pre-market 15% up?
  • G
    TSA numbers are staggering...

    Date Total Traveler Throughput Total Traveler Throughput (1 Year Ago - Same Weekday)
    11/23/2020 917,354 2,254,188
    11/22/2020 1,047,934 2,321,546
    11/21/2020 984,369 2,194,291
    11/20/2020 1,019,836 2,550,459
    11/19/2020 907,332 2,428,095
  • W
    40 is short term top in early Jan 2021
  • N
    Not A Short
    Nice that the election is over. Now good news is reported as just that - good news. This is in great contrast to before the election where every time something good developed, the media felt obliged to mention or harp on every possible bad thing to put a damper on the good news.

    It is truly sad that we have such biased sources of news. (Of course it was always a bit biased) Now the reporting is so obviously slanted, you have to watch multiple opposing media sources and try to figure out what actually happened. What a waste of time. The great network journalists of the past would be horrified at what has developed.



  • D
    $17 tomorrow
  • U
    The market is doing what the marker is supposed to do, just like 11/9, with AAL, UAL, SAVE making big move, DAL, LUV don't jump as much, they'll catch up. AAL has passed $14.41, that's all is important.
  • a
    Vaccine approval on 12/10 this will go to the moon...30$ in December
  • S
    Sperminator 🇻🇳
    Very bullish candle stick today. Most likely wit will cross the 200 SMA tomorrow
  • D
    United’s problems is United’s problem. More of their markets and hubs are in the no go zones.

    In addition to the end of the off peak season, airlines are likely staying up despite the tidal wave of cathay-virus news because the mid-term(mid-winter) is outweighing the near term.

    Two items:

    Historically coronaviruses have exhibited seasonality that ends in the December-February range

    Up to 100 million USAers possibly to have immunity by February, 50 million the hard way and 50 million the annoying way (vaccine); not including any who may have the Tee cell immunity.

    It has been a few days, so I presume CFRA will issue another reminder that they have an $8 price target on AAL. Valuing AAL at 7x forward earnings while permitting ALK 17x
  • T
    Looks like it's going to go above $15 before the closing hours. Wait for the last hour (maybe 30-40 minutes) and watch this climb. We have been having two very nice days in a row.
  • Y
    May be $20 by Christmas
  • A
    Andrei Bercovici
    Soon the smart money will move from Tech stocks to most affected stocks... Airlines, cruises etc will skyrocket... now with to vaccines on the way.
  • U
    As long as the government does NOT ground the airlines the rebellion Americans will travel, you can't stop people from family reunion, my niece has come back from New York and is staying in Airbnb for one week to quarantine herself. Anyone with older people at home must be extra careful, one week quarantine ahead of Thanksgiving or even 5 days will be enough. Uncle is Ready for the Holiday.
  • T
    Approaching golden crossover.